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Welded I-beams

сварная балка

Welded I-beam is used in construction industry for assembly of support structures; it is an analogue of hot-rolled beam manufactured by welding of steel sheets.

The main application fields of I-beams:

  • construction of framed residential, industrial and agricultural buildings and facilities;
  • at construction sites, in crane beams, floor slabs;
  • bridges, racks and other steel structures.

Application of welded I-beams has the following advantages:

  • Allows to considerably decrease the weight of framed steelwork elements, which have overstated safety factor.
  • Allows to create efficient support shapes that, in turn, decreases the overall steelwork weight.
  • Rolled steel manufacturers do not produce rolled beams over 60B. So, welded beams are applied, when one requires the structures, which stiffness and bearing capacity exceeds the capacity of rolled sections,
  • Ease of use allows to create buildings of various architectural trends;



Euroformat is able to fabricate welded I-beams with the following dimensions:


Н – Beam wall height, mm  –              132 – 1,500

L – Beam length, mm –                         2,000 –12,000

B- Beam flange width, mm –              100 – 800

S- Beam wall thickness, mm –            5 – 30

T- Beam flange thickness, mm –       6 – 50

сварная балка.


I-beams are manufactured using the modern automatic hardware trains thus providing superior shape and dimensions, complete weld penetration and faultless appearance of finished welded beams.

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