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About company

Modern road should provide not only safety, but also comfort for drivers. Since the number of motor transport has been recently increasing, traffic management equipment plays more and more important role in saving lives and health of drivers and pedestrians.

“EUROFORMAT” Company offers a wide range of activities, regarding traffic safety organization and enforcement, as well as road objects arrangement.

Company principal directions are delivery and instalation of road and bridge guardrail,  noise screens, road signs, charts of route orientation, individual planning signs, and other objects of road infrastructure.

Our goal lies in improving safety level of the road users. With this aim in mind, the Company employs innovative engineering solutions, relying on the experience of the best European producers.

The production of the company is tested, certified and undergoes constant improvements. Our product guarantees your safety and comfort.


Euroformat Company is a young team that has already chosen its own way into the future.