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Framed metal supports


Framed metal supports are intended for installation of information road signs, traffic lights, electronic displays, motion and weather sensors over the carriageway of all categories of roads. Framed metal supports allow to ensure safety on roads, create a proper comfort level for drivers and passengers, bring them necessary information about works and facilities location using the most accessible and convenient way.

Framed metal supports are made by standard project 3. 503. 9-80 “Supports for Road Signs on Motorways”. Depending on the frame configuration, there are three types of supports (each type has several standard dimensions):

Framed metal L-shaped supports (FML): the support height is up to 6.05 m; span width is within 4.5-6.3 m.

Framed metal T-shaped supports (FMT): have the same dimensions as FML supports, but their design is more massive since the cross beam is hanged over both sides of the support.

Framed metal U-shaped supports (FMU): the support height is within 5.95-6.6 m; span width is within 15.75-28 m.

Euroformat has developed and manufactures lightweight framed metal supports. All structures comply with current regulatory documents.

Lightweight framed metal supports have the following main advantages as compared with the typical project 3. 503. 9-80 “Supports for Road Signs on Motorways”:

  • Significantly lower metal consumption under the same functional performance characteristics. The weight savings is 4-58%;
  • The ability to manufacture U-shaped metal frames (FMU) up to 32 m wide.
  • L-shaped (FML) and T-shaped (FMT) metal frames are made with span width up to 6.5 m and up to 8 m high.
  • More efficient cross-section is applied in the direction of the main effective forces thus reducing the structure weight as a whole;
  • Application of narrow and more accessible range of the profiled section schedule (scarce round pipes with diameter 159-219 mm are not used);
  • Welding is not required at the installation site thus reducing installation time, decreasing the assembly cost and leaving the zinc coating intact;
  • Modern architectural appearance and the “lightness” of the structure. Reduced overall dimensions of the whole structure and its individual elements, absence of shaped elements, angle iron bulky flange connections;
  • The structural unit with less weight requires less bulky foundations.
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