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Road signs

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Road signs

Road signs play fundamental role in the organization of the transport and pedestrian traffics on the city streets and motorways.

It should be noted that road signs performance depends mostly on the production technology and materials employed. A road sign must preserve its geometrical dimensions and form despite wind and snow load, atmospheric action, physical impact, stone shots, intentional vandalism and other factors.

At the same time, road sign image must preserve its photometrical and colorimetric characteristics during the whole life cycle, possess sufficient light-reflection index for securing image visibility in the evening and at night, as well as in fog, rain or snow.

Main advantages:

  • The  Euroformat company choose materials for production of road sings not only on its own experience in given industry, but also takes into account world trends of the materials and technologies market and the experience of foreign companies.
  • All road signs are manufactured from galvanized plate steel, which ensures corrosion resistance, and are coated with grey powder polymeric paint.
  • For image production the Company uses films from best world producers, such as “3M”, “Avery”, and “Orafol”. For putting the images on the reflective film Digital or stencil screen printing methods are applied. UV-resistant paints are used to secure image durability and colors saturation.

Charts of route orientation

Individual planning signs and charts of route orientation provide road users with additional information about specific traffic conditions present at the particular road section, rules of crossing complicated traffic intersections, as well as information that can hardly or can not at all be conveyed via standard road signs.

Main advantages:

  • Employing modular system to form individual planning signs considerably simplifies mounting and reduces corresponding time expenditures.
  • Due to unique reinforcing sections scheme, sign’s durability is significantly increased, while maintaining best possible total construction weight.
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